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CBC News - Canada's 1st solar-powered political campaign office

Oct 9, 2015

"Green Party candidate Chris Tolley plugged in his federal campaign office — an off-grid, solar-powered shipping container — in a gravel lot in Toronto’s Leslieville neighbourhood on Wednesday. The three-metre-long steel box, which features these two solar panels, a solar battery and a cellphone charging station, is a cost-effective solution to tight budgets and falls in line with the political party’s environmental values, Tolley said."

Better Current's Colin Campbell was on hand to answer questions and explain how the solar system works. "Colin Campbell, of the Toronto-based renewable energy company Better Current, explains that the battery prototype being used in Tolly's office can simultaneously power at least two cellphones, two computers and a tablet for 12 hours in a row before needing a recharge."

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Photo Elena at the solar factory working on a Better Current build.

Green Party Candidate Walks the Talk

Oct 7, 2015

Chris Tolley, Green Party candidate for Toronto-Danforth launched Canada's first ever off grid, solar powered, shipping container-chic pop-up campaign office! Come by and visit at Queen and Logan in Toronto. Using Better Current Power Cube technology, the Green Party and Chris Tolley in particular are leading the way to a truly green future.

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Photo Elena at the solar factory working on a Better Current build.

Solar powered dance performance

Jan 19, 2015

Choreographer William Yong proposes a future in which human labour produces energy and the pleasure of movement works to integrate technology into the social sphere. Combined with solar power from the sun using Better Current Power Cubes, Zata Omm will power their entire performance using renewable energy.

Better Current will deploy four solar Power Cubes in order to provide 100% renewable energy for each of the one hour performances from March 4 - 7, 2015. Onsite Better Current will deploy four solar arrays to recharge each of the four Better Current Power Cubes before each evening performance. The show will not use any of the theatres "grid" electricity. Instead this project will rely entirely on Better Current solar Power Cubes which make solar energy portable and easy to use in the form of AC electricity just like the grid. Portable solar power that can be deployed anywhere will be a highlight as visitors will all see the systems charging during the day outside of the Harbourfront Centre Theatre.

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Event Information

Zata Omm Dance Projects (Canada)
Produced with Harbourfront Centre's World Stage in association with York University and Aesthetec Studio
Harbourfront Centre Theatre
March 4–7, 2015

About Zata Omm

Zata Omm Dance Projects is in a state of constant development with on-going artistic research to explore the artistic climate, reflect contemporary culture and lead emerging artistic trends. Zata Omm’s objective is to create multidisciplinary contemporary dance works using meaningful integration of dance, technology and other art forms on stage in order to provide an alternative way of seeing our world, which facilitates our exploration and understanding of the human condition. Artistic Director William Yong has created more than 57 dance works worldwide which have been presented by major presenters or in renowned festivals.


Photo Elena at the solar factory working on a Better Current build.

MaRS Hosts Better Current Solar Charge Station

Jul 30, 2014

We are pleased to announce that as one of MaRS Discovery District's CleanTech companies in downtown Toronto, we are providing free phone and mobile charging onsite at our solar station to keep visitors charged up!

MaRS Discovery District is located at 101 College Street. It is a not-for-profit corporation founded in Toronto in 2000. Its stated goal is to commercialize publicly funded medical research and other technologies with the help of local private enterprises and as such is a public-private partnership. As part of its mission, "MaRS helps create successful global businesses from Canada’s science, technology and social innovation." (

Near College Street and University Avenue and low on battery? Swing by to charge up! Charging cables for iPhone, Android and Blackberry are ready for you, so come try us out in the lobby. Feel free to tweet at us when you do @BetterCurrent

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Photo Elena at the solar factory working on a Better Current build.

Green Party Walks the Talk at World Pride

July 17, 2014

Green Party of Canada celebrated World Pride in Toronto by keeping the celebration fully charged up. Offering free solar powered phone charging with the Better Current charge station, Green Party supporters and World Pride attendees kept their mobile devices going throughout the event. By combining solar power with a large battery the charge station was able to provide mobile device charging into the evening as the sun was going down. The design for the Better Current charge station also encouraged people to gather while charging and exchange ideas further promoting the vision of a Green future.



Photo Elena at the solar factory working on a Better Current build.

GLOBE Awards for Environmental Excellence

April 28, 2014

Each year, the GLOBE Foundation recognizes the commitment of extraordinary Canadian companies and industry groups who have managed to balance competitive business strategies and sustainable development with the GLOBE Awards for Environmental Excellence. Considered to be the most high-profile national awards series of its type, the GLOBE Awards are judged by a panel of experts recognized in the Canadian business community.

This year, Elena Jusenlijska, Better Current's Chief Spark Plug, was one of the 3 finalists in the Next Gen Entrepreneur Award. Read More...


Elena Building PowerBarr Elena at the solar factory working on a Better Current build.

motionball for special olympics phones powered by solar

February 7, 2014

motionball is a not-for-profit organization that builds awareness and raises funds for the Special Olympics Canada Foundation (SOCF), targeting a "next generation" of supporters - Canada's professional crowd who are not defined by their age but rather their mind-set.

See more at:

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PowerBarr at motionball event Solar charging phones late into the evening at motionball.

University of Toronto Sustainable Engineers Association Charged Up On Better Current

February 1, 2014

Engineering students, faculty and speakers get charged up on Better Current while discussing the potential of solar and stored renewable energy. As engineering students could appreciate, the potential, as well as the challenges of providing solar power in a distributed small scale, autonomous mode like Better Current provides a great deal of food for thought. Other projects in the University are researching the use of solar photovoltaics for air quality measurement and testing the best battery chemistries for storing renewable energy. During the conference Better Current initiated potential collaborations that may help determine the ideal solar panels for ambient light conditions and cost effective reliable lithium ion battery systems.

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PowerBarr at University of Toronto John Wilson and Colin Campbell discuss Better Current with University of Toronto Engineers.
Photo Credit: Emily Miao

Kickstarter Success! Better Current to be built for public access in Toronto

January 16, 2014

Better Current raises $7,000 to fund the design, development, build and deployment of two Better Current ArGON solar charge station units for public free use in Toronto. See Kickstarter for all the details and stay tuned for updates on our first public deployments coming soon.

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See the first Better Current ArGON prototype demo in this video that explains how solar charge stations work.


December 17, 2013

In this podcast we discuss the Beyond Green conference, what Better Current is, where it hopes to go as well as how it can act as a beginning for a more sustainable energy grid in the future. It also includes discussion of the maker community and how becoming a creator can make you more sustainable. Better Current is also currently in the process of running a Kickstarter and every donation counts!

Listen here... or on iTunes Beyond Green Podcast 7.


Better Current at Beyond Green Podcast.

Solar Powered Charging Stations Kickstart in Toronto

November 20, 2013

A new solar powered changing station by Better Current looks to hit the streets of Toronto in 2014, and they need your help! With more than two years of R&D, the backbone of Better Current's technology is the high efficiency console, an integrated approach that is as simple as a solar calculator but on a bigger scale. Better Current has the ability to change the way we charge all of our devices and finally make a switch to renewable power!

You can help make this possible! Support Better Current as they launch their Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to build the four units to be available for use in various locations across the Toronto, free to use for anyone whose mobile device needs recharging!

The sense of connection with others that people experience when using a Better Current in public spaces is worth mentioning. "We've seen a rise in demand for charging stations with solutions starting to be available in the marketplace, but what's missing is a new, innovative way to keep peoples connected that tackling the environmental issues at the same time" said Jusenlijska, one of the co-founders.

Better Current doesn't just stop at helping people stay connected. It reduces the need for traditional, grid-connected power by providing a renewable energy source of electricity completely independent of the grid. To top it all off, the Better Current lets everyone actually touch, feel and experience renewable power at their fingertips, bursting the myth of renewable energy being inaccessible for most.

Better Current aspires to be an act of compassion and connection, and re-establish society's foundation for success by being a part of creating more connected and caring communities. The dynamic Toronto-based entrepreneurs behind Better Current includes Colin Campbell, John Wilson, Lorne Spence and Elena Jusenlijska. With Better Current stations scattered throughout town, you'll soon be able to charge your devices on the go and take advantage of a new cool, sustainable option.

Help Kickstart this today. Visit to learn more about Better Current's journey and how you can support this great initiative .



Kickstarter video for Better Current solar phone charge stations.

Better Current Powers Up Beyond Green Youth Summit

September 14, 2013

Getting to 100% renewable energy requires the combination of renewables and energy storage. Better Current is the story of people power, crowd funding, and an open approach to the vision of 100% renewable energy. Better Current enables the use of renewable, decentalized, autonomous solar energy to power your mobile devices today.



Telling the Better Current story at Earth Day Beyond Green Youth Summit.

Better Current Beta charges up at Eco-Chase

September 14, 2013

Sporting a new and improved battery system Better Current Beta was a hit at Eco-Chase in downtown Toronto. Despite little but ambient indoor lighting the new light weight battery included now in the console, was able to provide four charge ports for the entire six hour event. Some teams towards the end of the day were able to resurrect their dead phones sufficient to get their final photo submissions transferred in order to finish the race.

Elena Jusenlijska, one of the founders of Better Current, organized the Eco-Chase event. With T.O's Eco-Chase, teams are challenged to learn about Toronto's green projects, while also learning how to play and learn together. Increasingly, businesses are looking for ways to help their employees refine themselves and be "well oiled" to function collaboratively. Haven't we all experienced the staff outings at the bowling alley or go-kart tracks? The Amazing Race formula has proven to be a winner in this regard. The increasing trend to make businesses Eco-friendly, makes T.O's Eco-Chase the perfect combination.



Better Current charging up at Eco-Chase in Toronto.

Crowdsource support and funding success! Better Current raises $2,000

June 1, 2013

In six short weeks Better Current has raised $2,000 from enthusiastic and supportive funders. In addition to providing monetary support, funders have offered to volunteer their time, suggested ideas, provided prospects, and helped sell the idea to their community.

Colin Campbell, John Wilson and Elena Jusenlijska, the founders of Better Current, thank everyone who came out or went online to support us during this funding campaign. Better Current is about giving power to the people and with our growing support network the dream is becoming a reality. Stay tuned for release of Better Current. If you've got an event or location that needs power to charge mobile phones and tablets, let us know. Better Current is the perfect way to charge up your summer event. Click here to get some solar charging!

To view the complete National Crowdfunding Association of Canada video interview click here.



Better Current crowdsource funding video. Meet Colin and Elena.

Startup Event: Better Current success with crowdsource support and funding event at Cafe Belong

April 15, 2013

Excited crowd tries out Better Current Beta at Cafe Belong. Power in the community could be felt as everyone shared their ideas, suggestions, feedback, and support, making for a successful startup event.

Colin Campbell, John Wilson and Elena Jusenlijska thanked their growing local support base. Announced were plans for the first production ready version of Better Current to be launched at a corporate customer and independent coffee house. Stay tuned for more exciting developments. Thanks to all who came came out and supported us. We'd like to add a special thanks to our growing number of sponsors and volunteers. Click here to support us and here to volunteer.


More than sixty people come out to support Better Current startup event.

blogTO: Toronto to get more phone battery charging stations

April 15, 2013

"67% of smartphone users have experienced not having access to a charger when they needed one while out. And 71% of the people who experienced this problem left their phone uncharged.

Created by a trio of Green entrepreneurs, Colin Campbell, John Wilson and Elena Jusenlijska, the company is currently prototyping their free, renewable charging station at Cafe Belong in the Evergreen Brickworks. They are holding a funding event today at this location to raise enough capital to be able to roll-out the Better Current to 4-5 other locations in Toronto and KW in order to continue gaining necessary market data before formally launching the product later this year."

blogTO, Tom Emrich


Energy at your fingertips

Better Current Startup Event Announced

April 2, 2013

Today Better Current annouced a feedback, support and funding event. You are invited to join us at Evergreen Brick Works to try out Better Current with a free solar charge for your phone or tablet. We'll be asking for your feedback, thoughts and ideas on the current prototype to help us develop the next release. Our goal for the evening is to raise $5,000 (with a stretch goal of $10,000) to test new markets and prototype the next versions of Better Current. We hope you can make it! Space is limited, so please RSVP - here. If you are unable to attend, there is also an option to support our funding efforts - here.

Cafe Belong
550 Bayview Avenue, Toronto

View Map

Better Current Beta at Cafe Belong

Better Current Beta Goes Live at Cafe Belong

March 27, 2013

Today Better Current Beta was installed for public testing and feedback at Cafe Belong. You are invited to come on down to Evergreen Brick Works to get a free solar charge for your phone or tablet. Don't forget to bring your USB cable. Stay tuned for exciting event announcements coming soon.

Cafe Belong
550 Bayview Avenue, Toronto

View Map

Dominik, John, Colin, Brad, and Elena at Cafe Belong with Better Current Beta



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